Guide to Stavanger

Wild guess: You probably won’t be spending every hour inside the apartment while you’re here (unless you’re a vampire). So, we put together a little Stavanger-guide for you to explore.



Check out #fargegaten on Instagram. And IRL, of course. This is one of the most colourful streets in Norway, bustling with life and perfect for a coffee (or beer if that’s your cup of tea). Walking under the illuminated street lights at night is truly magical, and the atmosphere alone makes it well worth a visit.


Categories: Food Shopping

Probably the most exciting and diverse food street in Stavanger, with many exotic eateries and small, unique shops. Try the pizza at Panzanella, bao buns at YIPS or book a table at the MICHELIN Guide Restaurant, K2, if you're feeling fancy.

FRETEX Arkivet

Categories: Shopping

The go-to store when you're on a hunt for vintage treasures. It’s located at the bottom of Fargegaten. Here you’ll find everything from pre-loved designer clothes, bags, and heels, to unique interior items.

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