Guide to Stavanger

Wild guess: You probably won’t be spending every hour inside the apartment while you’re here (unless you’re a vampire). So, we put together a little Stavanger-guide for you to explore.



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Ever fancied living like the upper crust from the 1800s? Ledaal's got your ticket to the time machine! Picture yourself surrounded by rococo, Louis XVI, empire, and Biedermeier-style furnishings. It's like a posh blast from the past. Take a tour.

Stavanger Museum with the Norwegian Children's Museum

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The heart of history in the city. It's not just a pretty building; it's packed with stories. Dive into three departments: culture, nature, and a special treat for the little ones at the Norwegian Children's Museum. Learn more and get tickets.


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Holmeegenes, a slice of Danish and North German flair in the heart of Norway. Constructed by Axel Christian Kielland in 1864, it's like time-traveling to a 19th-century tenant farm with a barn. Get ready for architectural déjà vu! Discover more.

IDDIS Norwegian Graphic Museum and Norwegian Canning Museum

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Located in the heart of Old Stavanger, where fish meets prints! Dive into the exciting exhibitions and hands-on activities, discovering the secrets of the city's fishing and printing industries. It's history with a dash of fun. Explore further.

Stavanger Maritime Museum

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Step aboard Stavanger's maritime time machine! Explore the best-preserved merchant houses with sail lofts, shipping offices, and trading posts. Uncover the salty tales of maritime history, city life, and trading adventures from the past two centuries. Learn more.

Stavanger Kunstmuseum

A realm of art. Combine a visit to Stavanger Kunstmuseum with a stroll around Mosvannet, which is located approximately 2 kilometres west of the city centre. 

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Behold, a grand Swiss-style wooden villa brought to life by the seafaring Berentsen clan. Designed by Henrik Nissen from Kristiania (now Oslo), this mansion is where elegance meets timber. Explore.

Norsk Oljemuseum (Norwegian Petroleum Museum)

Nice family activity and an opportunity to learn more about Norway’s most important industry. 

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