Guide to Stavanger

Wild guess: You probably won’t be spending every hour inside the apartment while you’re here (unless you’re a vampire). So, we put together a little Stavanger-guide for you to explore.



One of Norway’s spectacular mountain stairways (4444 steps). A perfect day trip if you are craving a proper challenge and a trip out on the sea. The only way to get there is by boat or ferry.

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Check out #fargegaten on Instagram. And IRL, of course. This is one of the most colourful streets in Norway, bustling with life and perfect for a coffee (or beer if that’s your cup of tea). Walking under the illuminated street lights at night is truly magical, and the atmosphere alone makes it well worth a visit.


A playground constructed with elements from the oil industry and designed to resemble the footprint of the formation at the Troll field in the North Sea. It's the cool neighbor of the Norwegian Petroleum Museum, and guess what? It's not just for kids.

Flor & Fjære

In the mood for a sensory experience? Go visit Flor & Fjære and experience fresh sea air, colourful gardens, and delicious food. Spoiler: The famous Hidlefjord fish soup is really yummy!

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Helmer Te & Kaffe

A delightful spot for your coffee (or tea) fix, especially if you're a fan of people-watching. We recommend sitting outside, preferably when the sun is out.


An amusement park located in Ålgård in the Rogaland county, approximately 25 kilometers south of Stavanger (30-minute drive from Stavanger). You can play the hero at the fire station, whip up some chocolate magic in the chocolate factory, take to the skies, and spin around like a whirlwind. Kongeparken has more than 60 thrilling adventures for all ages.

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SATS Herbarium and EVO

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Top-notch fitness centres within walking distance of the apartments in Eiganes (Queen's Cave) and Våland (Kruger's Crib). Both centres offer modern fitness equipment and personal trainers. SATS also offers a range of fitness classes if that's more your thing.

More information: SATS Herbarium, EVO Fitness


Believe it or not, we’re blessed with some of Norway's most beautiful beaches. Learn how to surf at Borestranda, go for a stroll along Solastranden (the closest one) or visit Ogna if you’re up for a longer drive.

Stavanger Kunstmuseum

A realm of art. Combine a visit to Stavanger Kunstmuseum with a stroll around Mosvannet, which is located approximately 2 kilometres west of the city centre. 

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Norsk Oljemuseum (Norwegian Petroleum Museum)

Nice family activity and an opportunity to learn more about Norway’s most important industry. 

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