Privacy policy


  1. 1. Hey there! 
    Welcome to's little corner on privacy. We're all about keeping things transparent, just like that clear beach water you dream of.
  2. 2. The data we gather
    When you swing by our site, here's a peek at the info we collect:

    a. Usage Data: Stuff like which pages you checked out, how long you hung around, and where you clicked. 
    b. Technical Deets: This is geek talk for things like your IP address, what browser you're using, and the type of gadget you're on.
  3. 3. About those cookies...
    Nope, we're not talking about the chocolate chip kind! We use computer cookies (less tasty, we know) to jazz up your experience and check out how our website's doing.
  4. 4. Google's Tools: GTM & Analytics
    We’ve got Google Tag Manager helping us out by juggling tracking codes. And, Google Analytics? It's our sneaky way to see how you mingle with our site. But don't worry; it's all about making your experience better, and it doesn't know who you are personally.

    Want to ghost on Google Analytics? Head over to Google Analytics' opt-out page.
  5. 5. Why we want your data (It's not what you think!)

    a. Website gossip: To gab about how you and others use our site, helping us serve you better.
    b. Sprucing things up: By seeing how you roll, we can tweak things here and there.
    c. For our inner marketer: Sometimes we use the info (all hush-hush and anonymous) to figure out our next big move.
  6. 6. Keeping your secrets safe
    Your data's safe with us. We've got all the digital locks and keys to keep those pesky hackers away.
  7. 7. About those other sites...
    Sometimes we link to other cool places on the web. Just remember, we don't run those joints, so check out their rules before sharing your secrets.
  8. 8. Changing things up
    Every now and then, we might tweak this policy. Don't worry; we'll shout out any big changes right here.
  9. 9. Your VIP rights
    You're the boss of your info. Want to see it? Change it? Ditch it? Just let us know.
  10. 10. Give us a holler
    Got questions or just want to chat about privacy stuff? Drop us a line at