Guide to Stavanger

Wild guess: You probably won’t be spending every hour inside the apartment while you’re here (unless you’re a vampire). So, we put together a little Stavanger-guide for you to explore.



Categories: Food

Fancy a hassle-free brekkie? With Morgenlevering, you can easily order a tasty breakfast spread delivered straight to your door. Order here:


Categories: Food Shopping

Probably the most exciting and diverse food street in Stavanger, with many exotic eateries and small, unique shops. Try the pizza at Panzanella, bao buns at YIPS or book a table at the MICHELIN Guide Restaurant, K2, if you're feeling fancy.

Flor & Fjære

In the mood for a sensory experience? Go visit Flor & Fjære and experience fresh sea air, colourful gardens, and delicious food. Spoiler: The famous Hidlefjord fish soup is really yummy!

More information, tickets and prices:

Helmer Te & Kaffe

A delightful spot for your coffee (or tea) fix, especially if you're a fan of people-watching. We recommend sitting outside, preferably when the sun is out.

Kokko kaffebar

Categories: Food

Kokko is another coffee shop worth a visit if you’re into architecture and quality coffee.

Sirkus Renaa

Categories: Food Kids

Patisserie, bakery, ice cream parlour, chocolatier, pizzeria, cafe, restaurant, and bar. A great spot for breakfast or lunch, especially if you fancy some American-style pancakes.


Categories: Food

100% vegan restaurant. The wine list is also thoughtfully curated, featuring many natural wines. Book your table here:


Categories: Food

Bakery with yummy cinnamon buns (kanelsnurr means cinnamon roll in Norwegian) and other baked goodies. They have several cafes around the city, including Eiganes.